Performance characteristics of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive

       Hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives are the third generation of pressure-sensitive adhesives after solvent-based and emulsion-based pressure-sensitive adhesives. Compared with the first two, hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives are solvent-free, more environmentally friendly, safer in production, high in production efficiency, and relatively low in production costs.


Characteristics of pressure sensitive adhesive:

1: Have long-lasting high viscosity.

2: Only need to apply pressure with hands or fingers during application.

3: No need to activate by water, solvent or heat.

4: There is a strong adhesive force.

5: There is sufficient cohesion and elasticity.

Advantages of pressure sensitive adhesive:

1: Quickly sizing without mixing or brushing.

2: Uniform glue amount.

3: Can be die-cut into special shapes.

4: It has viscoelasticity and eliminates brittleness.

5: The smell is small when in use.