Are hot melt adhesives environmentally friendly and non-toxic?

When negotiating with a new customer, the customer asked: Is the hot melt adhesive you produce environmentally friendly? Will it produce a strong smell? Is there a test certificate? These questions are very normal, because in people's subconscious mind, adhesives are chemical products, so they are naturally considered to be poisonous and produce pungent odors. In fact, there are three types of common self-adhesive glues on the market: water-based glue, solvent glue and hot-melt glue. Not all of the above three kinds of glue are environmentally friendly. Zhengbang Xiaobian is here to answer for you, which kind of glue is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly product!

Comparison of three common adhesive products:

water glue: Water-based glue has a small smell, is non-flammable, and is easy to clean. However, various additives are added to the water-based adhesive, so it will cause certain pollution to the environment. In addition, the water-based glue has a long curing time, poor initial viscosity, and poor water resistance. Poor frost resistance.

Solvent glue: strong viscosity, not easy to spill glue, and suitable for outdoor labeling, but solvent glue is not environmentally friendly. The solvent contains toluene, xylene and other raw materials that are harmful to health, so the solvent glue is toxic and dangerous, and there is a certain risk in the production process and transportation process, and the price of such products is relatively high.

Hot melt adhesive: hot melt adhesive has strong viscosity, good water resistance, and is solid at room temperature. Even if the hot melt adhesive is in contact for a long time, it will not cause harm to the human body. It is environmentally friendly and reproducible, and meets the requirements of the international environmental protection department. This is the incomparable superiority of other adhesives.

Based on the comparison mentioned above, is the answer already on the paper? Hot-melt adhesive has the highest environmental protection performance. During the use of hot-melt adhesive, it will hardly release by-products and will not have a bad impact on the environment. Therefore, hot-melt adhesive is the safest adhesive for industrial production. It has become a trend for hot melt adhesives to replace other adhesives.

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